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Apr 27, 2021

I had a conversation with speaker, life coach and author Rocky Garza on life, the choices we make, our happiness and our individual pursuit our time well spent here on earth.

We use me as the guinea pig and Rocky and I walk through my scenario, my situation, my thoughts and actions. It was enlightened and he brings up...

Apr 21, 2021

I had an amazing discussion with Tony Whatley about working twice as hard as the next person, never giving up, building a business from scratch, selling his business for millions, working for a corporation and now his new life of helping entrepreneurs.

Check out his book "Sidehustle Millionaire":

Apr 14, 2021

I had a conversation with Ms. Kristina Crooks, a certified ontological coach to learn more about what ontology is and how it's used in personal development through coaching.

It was interesting to learn that unlike coaches that work with you on one piece of the puzzle, an ontological coach works on all aspects of the...

Apr 7, 2021

A conversation with the principal of Jotham S. Stein P.C. about his recent book called "Even CEOs Get Fired".

This is an easy read for any entrepreneur, C-Suite executive or investor on the tips and tricks in today's high stakes business world.

It's probably safe to say that most people who want to make sure they are...