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Aug 12, 2020

Even though Chris and I had never met, we keep running into each other online through various groups and even being connected to a few of the same real friends, not just Facebook friends, but old school actual friends.

I could tell the moment I started looking more into what Chris was doing, he was definitely someone I had to have on the podcast. He's one of those people that you can tell are grateful for what life has given him, how he's gotten through some real world intense situations and ultimately, he's a giver and wants to help everyone rise up and ignite or reignite the rockstar within.

It was a real pleasure being able to talk with such a like-minded person and I know over time and once COVID-19 fades away, Chris and I will most likely become lifelong friends.

I hope you enjoy the wisdom that Chris shares with us and take a real look at RISE UP ROCKSTAR if you're interested in having the support of an amazing mastermind group to help you to the next level in your life and/or business.

Thanks for listening!!