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Apr 15, 2020

Patrick Ortman is the president of SaleFirst Recruiting, with offices in Phoenix, AZ, Denver, CO and Portland, OR. Patrick is a very intelligent person who has his finger on the pulse of not only the world of employment but on many important topics surrounding us today.

Patrick is an athlete, an Eagle Scout, received his pilot license at 18, graduated from University of Dayton School of Law and was admitted to the Michigan State Bar in 2000. He had raced motorcycles semi-professionally until he broke his back in 2008, he has broken 27 bones over the course of his life (so far). 

Before starting SalesFirst Recruiting, he was in professional business to business sales and upper management for 15 years. Patrick is passionate about placing good people into good jobs.

This is Part 1 of a two part episode because as we got into this very important conversation during this time with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting all of us and so many people furloughed, laid off or working from home, we covered a lot of ground that we felt was important. We didn’t want to simply stop the conversation for the sake of keeping an episode to less than an hour.

We begin with where the world currently stands on April 14th, 2020 and by the end of Part 1 we talk about the current environment as it stands regarding employment all the way through to a discussion on home-based employees and how that will affect all aspects of life. 

Part 2 digs deep into preparing your resume for submitting to potential employers and getting your LinkedIn profile up to spec. 

There are so many great tidbits of information in these two episodes that are very time sensitive to the times we’re living in. Both Patrick and I sure hope you get a lot out of this conversation.


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